Apps with Mobilessence

With Mobilessence your event can have a native, high-quality iOS and Android app in a day. The platform has pre-made features based on the best practices for various events:

   Music Festivals
   University Events
   Program Series
   Trade Shows

Our innovative solution provides a better experience for event-goers and reduced costs, increased revenue and an easier planning process for organizers. Create your own app with our online app builder tool or contact us for assistance.

Good navigation is an integral part of every event app. The Mobilessence app platform supports the following types of maps:

   Google Maps
   Apple Maps
   Open Street Maps
   Hand-drawn maps (illustrations)

The integrated maps, that can be either online or offline, help visitors easily find their points of interest.

Leverage the popularity of social networks and make your event even more outstanding. The following social services are supported:


If you want to integrate other social channels in your event app, please let us know and we will develop the necessary components for you.

Our event apps are based on the best practices of the event industry. We topped that with features that were tested with thousands of event-goers worldwide. A few examples on how your apps can be customized:

   Custom icon set
   Unique user interface
   Special features

We do know from experience that every event is different, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have a new and fresh idea you want in your event app.

Visitors appreciate if an event has a mobile app as it makes their life easier. Besides that, an app can also be a way of monetization for the organizer. Our solution offer the following revenue streams:

   Various advertising options
   Integrated ticketing
   Affiliate programs
   Customized sponsorships

Should you have an inquiry about monetization, please contact us.

Easy-to-use Content Management System

An event app worth nothing without the latest information. Our platform offers an effortless way of publishing news about your event (like for example informing visitors about changes in schedule) and keeping the content always fresh and updated.

The Mobilessence CMS is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to manage the content of the apps:

  • full control over the app’s content
  • event-specific features
  • simple user interface, quick content management

What do our clients say about us?

„With Mobilessence we created a quick and easy insight into
what was normally seen as a complex event. Users really like
the fact that they now always have access to all events,
locations, times, and additional information via a smartphone.
Thanks to the user-friendly content management system we
were able to build a nice app in less than three weeks time.”

Roger Groesz, Campaign Manager
Hanze University Groningen

„Mobilessence helped us to create a really useful app for our
visitors. The ultimate proof was the statistics as the number
of views were way over our expectations. We also take care
of our environment and with this app we have taken a big
step away from the printed brochure age.”

Tamas Kadar, CEO
Sziget Fesztivál - Winner of the Best European Festival Award

The complete Mobilessence solution contains iOS and Android applications and an event-optimized content management system with full backend support.