You can enhance your event with the Mobilessence app platform in many ways. Release native mobile applications and get additional revenue streams by integrating your sponsors and ticket sales while making your attendees’ experience richer. On the top of that, you can track your visitors with the built-in analytics and follow their in-app actions.


  • iOS and Android apps
  • Content administration system
  • Full backend infrastructure
  • Event industry specific modules
  • Ad network support
  • Mobile optimized communication for events with big data
  • Professional setup
  • Marketplace management
  • User content management
  • White label solutions
  • Event organization support
  • Data integration


Setup Fee

Annual Fee

If you want your app to be exceptional, you can hire the Mobilessence expert team to design and build the apps specifically for you. Our apps have been chosen by more than 300,000 users so far who made several million in-app actions. The fact that we have top mobile applications (including the event app for the biggest music festival in Europe) is the ultimate proof that we know what we are doing in the mobile event industry. We offer smart event apps and smooth server infrastructure to support your events' peak hours just as well as the creation and management of its content. Get an app for your event!

If you have a mobile app idea, we can help you build it and turn it into a success. Besides superior coding and performance, we offer advice on monetization strategies as well. We would love to hear about your goals and aspirations! Visit our Contact page, send us a message, and see how we can help your business grow and reach more people.

The Mobilessence team can be hired to do the following:

  • In-house app development
  • Mobilessence event apps customization
  • Dedicated support
  • Design customization (amazing icons and buttons)
  • Assistance in creating and updating the app’s content
  • User interface design
  • Customized Content Management System (CMS)
  • Data integration from external sources
  • Sponsorship and ad integration to help monetization